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Reasons to invest in an extension

If you outgrow your home, moving is not the only option. In fact, it may be better to invest in improvements that could provide more space. There are many reasons why an extension can be an excellent investment. Asset Design & Build would like to look at some of them with you. We are a reputable team of builders Windsor and Slough home owners can rely on for a full design and build service.

Add an Asset Design and Build extension and create the home of your dreams
Asset Design and Build


The obvious benefit of an extension is the extra space. Even a small side infill can make a room feel much larger. A bigger extension could make space for a new bedroom, an extra bathroom or a more spacious kitchen and dining room. It could also offer more space for amenities or even a home office or games room.

Adding value

As a property owner you want your home to be worth as much as possible, even if you don't plan on selling any time soon. Investing in an extension could add a lot of value. Floor space is always valuable and open plan living is very popular at the moment. If you get the size and design right, extending the property could offer a great return.


There are plenty of reasons why you should let more natural light into your home. For example it will cut your energy bills and can make spaces feel larger. More importantly, it can have several health benefits. If you choose an extension, make sure it lets a lot of light into the property.

Connect inside and outside

Great views of the garden can also improve a home. You can go one step beyond this though with an extension that has glazed sliding or bi-folding doors. Opening them really connects the spaces and the rooms will be brighter and airier.

We are happy to provide a full design and build service, guiding clients at every stage of their project. If you want to add an extension to your home, call on the most experienced builders Windsor and Slough can offer.

We work to the highest standards, therefore ensuring excellent workmanship.


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