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Garage conversions are becoming more and more popular.  Mainly people don’t use garages to store cars anymore. They really become big sheds. 


With people working more and more from home and children staying longer at home then why not convert this space into an office or bedroom. 


Usually this will require some sort of planning like a change of use and of course building regulations if needed as a habitable room. 

We have our own architect who can do this. 


Single garage conversions can generally be built in a few weeks with minimal disruption. 

Costs can vary depending on final specification but most people probably budget in the 20k region as long as it does not require major structural work or new roofs etc. 


This one we completed in Windsor  recently for a lovely family who needed space for their daughter returning from abroad. Creating her own little apartment on the side of the house. 


It was a garage conversion. To create a wet room. Bedroom/lounge. Also we did an extra outbuilding as a hobby room.  New roof and painting.  


All completed whilst in the height of the pandemic. We received a glowing review. This took 3 months or so. 

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