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Top Tips for Designing your Kitchen Extension

Many of our clients nowadays are creating open plan kitchen and family spaces in their homes.

Often we are building them extensions and removing walls to open up their ground floor, so they can spend more quality time together as a family and also use the new kitchen/living space for entertaining.

A recently completed Asset Design & Build extension

An open-plan kitchen-diner can also create the illusion of extra space. Fewer rooms means fewer walls, fewer doors, and a longer run of flooring, making your home seem bigger and brighter.

A recently completed Asset Design & Build extension

So below, we have put together our top tips for creating a fab space for all the family.

How you use your space is key.

The best location for a kitchen/family room is at the back of the house, overlooking the garden, with sliding or bi-fold patio doors leading outside. Maybe plan the kitchen on one side or at the back of the space and put the living and dining area nearest the garden.

Whatever your home’s layout, it’s well worth spending time thinking about how you’ll move around the room. For example, the dining table shouldn't be too far from the kitchen so that you don’t have to cross the living area with hot food or plates.

Let there be light!

We suggest you make sure there is as much natural and artificial light as possible. If you are having a single story extension think about roof lights and consider adding French, sliding or bi-folds doors to give you easy access to the garden.

Good kitchen lighting is so important, we love the look of three pendant lights over an island or table.

Add an island.

When planning an island make sure you face the seating towards the kitchen and cooking space, this creates a much more social environment.

The ideal space between an Island and kitchen units is between 900mm and 1200mm.

Smaller kitchen/living spaces can benefit from a narrower kitchen island, some can be as small as 500mm wide and 1m long.

We love curves!

Another consideration in open-plan space is flow. Curves are great at subtly directing traffic, keeping children away from danger spots and stopping guests from getting under your feet. The curved end of a unit also ensures there are no sharp corners to knock into.

Keep it coordinated.

Even though it contains different zones the main point of an open plan kitchen/family room is to achieve a cohesive space for all the family. The best way to connect the space is to use similar colours, or one design style across the whole living space. You can choose kitchen cabinets that match your furniture style or match the cooker hood or appliances with your living area lighting fixtures.

If you would like a free extension consultation please do contact us as we would be delighted to help.


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