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Garage Conversions - Get The Space You Need !

A garage is the room a lot of families will consider for a conversion if they struggle for space. It is a sensible and affordable alternative to moving. It can also be more cost-effective than an extension as you are using the space that you already have.

A lot of people have a garage that they don't use for a vehicle and instead simply give over to storage. Sometimes changing what you use the space for can drastically add on to the value of the property.

You can then make it suitable for a better use.

New Bedrooms

A report by Santander bank shows how 650,000 of the 9.3 million private garages in the UK have been turned into bedrooms. This is the most popular choice but other uses include offices, game rooms, and an extended kitchen. An extra 470,000 garages will undergo conversion into additional living space.

Garage Conversion by Asset Design & Build

Work With Experts

A conversion can be beneficial but there are some things that you should consider. This will help you realise what it will take to transform your space. Part of this is consulting a local builder as the amount of work needed can change. The project might have to involve structural aspects in addition to electrical or plumbing work.

This work will typically not require planning permission as long as it is internal and you are not going to be making the garage bigger. You should consult with your local planning authority to be sure though because failing to obtain the right permission can cause you a lot of hassle later on.

Create A Great Space

Our team can take care of design, plastering, roofing, and creating your space so that you don't have to work with different people for each part. We are the builders you can rely on for expert services.

Our work is both courteous and professional so call us on 01753 825860 today.


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