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Extra Space and Added Value

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

At Asset we work on all types of extensions one of the most popular types being garage conversions, as giving an underused garage a makeover can unlock precious space in your property and increase its value.

We find the most popular garage conversions are of course to add extra living space. 

This could be converting to an open plan living area, adding an extra living room or extending a kitchen.

However, adding another bedroom could be the best option in terms of creating value in your home.

Garages are also often converted into office space, a gym or a playroom.

You could also create an annex for an elderly relative or maybe to bring in some extra income as an Airbnb rental.

According to a report by bank Santander, of the 9.3 million private garages in the UK, 650,000 have already been turned into bedrooms (the most popular choice, at 29%), as well as home offices, kitchen extensions, utility rooms or sitting rooms.

Will you need planning permission to convert your garage?

Permission isn’t usually required for a garage conversion, provided the work is internal and doesn’t involve enlarging the building.

Garages that are listed or located in conservation areas will be less straightforward to convert. In all cases your conversion will have to comply with Building Regulations.

Where you might need permission can include if you want to make your garage into a separate home, or you live in a listed building, conservation area, new housing development, flat or maisonette.

Some councils will also require Planning Permission if you’ll be substantially changing the exterior of your house.

Garage conversions will of course need building regulations approval.

But Local Authority Building Control (LABC) advises that a Full Plans application will provide more security about what work needs to be done.

LABC also advises speaking to an architect or building contractor before beginning the work and you will need to consider the rules around party walls.

There are a number of areas in the regulations your conversion will need to comply with. These include:

  • Foundations

  • Structural strength

  • Windows and ventilation

  • Weather proofing and insulation

A building control surveyor will inspect the work as it progresses and once it’s finished, they will check windows, fireproofing measures and doors before giving a certificate of completion.

Value added

There are lots of factors to consider when looking at how much value a conversion adds – for example, what you turn the space into and the amount of room on offer. Converting a double garage is obviously going to add more value than a single garage. But on a standard three-bed semi, a garage conversion will increase its value by at least 10%.

However, the real value is often for the extra space it will give your family.

If you are considering a garage extension or any other type of extension, please do contact us for a free extension consultation.



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