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Considerations for staircases

If you've heard of us before, you'll know that loft conversions are our speciality. However, this isn't the only area we excel in. Our company specialises in all types of extensions. We have a reputation as one of the most competent extension specialists in Uxbridge and the surrounding area. We provide a full design and build service for all types of extensions.

For your loft conversion the new staircase is an important feature as well as providing access to upper floors, the staircase is important from a visual standpoint. As a result, you must consider many variables when picking your design.

We're going to highlight some of the more important ones here.

The occupants

You'll need to think about the homes occupants when looking at the stairs. After all, these are the individuals who will use them. For instance, there could be children and seniors present. If this is the case, our advice would be to choose a design with handrails and landing plates.


The safety of your stairs is something else you cannot ignore here. the UK's current building regulations are meant to assist with creating a safe design. They state minimum width requirements for particular applications. In addition, they make certain there aren't any gaps present that exceed 100mm. This prevents youngsters from climbing through the balusters and makes spiral staircases are as secure as a regular staircase.


Finally, of course you have to consider your available budget. This will determine what style and materials you can select. Once you find something you like, see how much it costs you. You'll then be able to figure out if you can meet the price tag.

Images of just some of the staircases installed at recent Asset Design & Build loft conversions.

Asset Lofts has consultants you can ask for advice about various projects. This comes in handy whenever clients have plans in mind already. It allows us to help them organise everything. In addition it means we can offer tips that could save time and money.

If you require aid from one of the top builders Uxbridge has, please contact us. We can create the perfect staircases for any need, including space saving ones for your loft conversions.

You can rely on us to offer high quality bespoke joinery.


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