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Planning and designing a kitchen extension

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, but sadly in many cases there is not enough space.

One thing you can do to remedy this is extend your home. This gives you the chance to create a spacious open plan kitchen. If you are thinking about this kind of project, Asset Design and Build can help. We are the top builders Slough can offer because we provide a full service and fantastic support.


The first thing to think about with a kitchen extension is how big it should be. This will depend on many factors, including what kind of layout you want. Think about things like cabinets as well as where you will put appliances. Will you have a dining table? Do you want an island?


The amount of money you have to spend will affect what you are able to do. For example you won't be able to add hundreds of square feet of floor space if you don't have the budget. Funds can also limit your choice of materials, appliances, and decor. Make sure you have a good idea of what you have to spend and the different costs.


You can extend a home in several different ways, including a small infill or a larger development to the side or rear. In some properties it may be better to look at basement conversions. Consider which option is best for you, taking into account the additional space you will need as well as the potential impact on external spaces like gardens.


A kitchen is only ever as good as the layout. The aim should be to make the most of the space. You don't want everything to be cramped or too far apart. At the same time though you will want some things to be within touching distance, such as having the sink close to the oven. Make sure you think about safety as well.

A good tip is to keep the kitchen as close to the original part of the property as possible. As a result it will be easier to install utilities. In addition it means you have the brighter space closer to the garden free for a table or open to allow lots of light in.

If you are thinking about a kitchen extension, rely on us to provide a full design and build solution. We make sure you work with the best people, including the most reliable builders Slough can offer. Therefore you get high quality workmanship and a great design.

Contact us to discuss your extension ideas; we will help you to get the kitchen of your dreams.


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